Hi! Welcome to my Portfolio.
As a designer, my goal is to infuse a social consciousness into my work that fuels change within our society. I am passionate about working with users to design solutions that are derived from their true needs. 

What these solutions end up being? My guess is as good as yours. But I strive to find the gem within complex and wicked problems through design research tactics, iterative brainstorming and prototyping, and collaborative user feedback. Whether the end result is a physical product, a digital one, a system, an experience, or anything else; I’m interested in exploring it all to find one that truly fits.

I’m inspired by life and the people around me and strive to find joy in the little things. When I’m not working, you can find me in the nearest coffee shop thoroughly enjoying my coffee and tea addiction or exploring the streets of a new city. I love to travel and immerse myself in different cultures and would love any recommendations for where to explore next.