Project Brief
Design for food preservation in Kpando, Ghana using previously conducted secondary research, primary research, and engineering principles.
Time Frame:
Autumn 2019 & Winter Break 2019-2020
Meera Narayan (Mechanical Engineer)
Joseph Westover (Chemical Engineer)
Leila Akberdin (Industrial Design)

The Ohio State University


This research was conducted as part of an engineering service learning trip that took place in Kpando, Ghana through The Ohio State University.

The program is set up as a semester long portion followed by an in-country trip. This program consists of a three year cycle that involves the inspiration year, the ideation year, and the implementation year. During the inspiration year, initial primary research was conducted to gather information on the scope of the various food economic systems in Kpando, Ghana. A focus on improving food preservation methods for okra, garden egg, and mango was recommended.
Based on the information collected from the previous year’s research, the team decided to prototype solar drying technology as a means of preservation for the inspiration year.

However, it was evident that there was still important missing information, so a co-design research plan was developed to fill in those holes.
Research Methodology
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