Project Brief
Design a wearable object as a brand extension for sports, fashion, or medical brands. 
These wearable objects should be designed to tackle social/individual well-being issues of the society in the near future.
Time Frame:
4 Weeks
Leila Akberdin


The Nanobebe Breast Pump was designed in response to the drawbacks of current breast pumps on the market as well as the empowerment of working mothers. 

Current stationary breast pumps are seen as belittling. On the other hand, newer portable breast pumps that offer more dignified on-the-go experiences have been found to offer inadequate suction for certain mothers, causing a decrease in milk production. Also, some women feel that breastfeeding is an intimate moment and therefore want a more stationary option for privacy.

The Nanobebe Breast Pump was designed to offer mothers the freedom to have both. The pump features the option to breastfeed on-the-go for a quick relief during working hours while also offering the option to connect to an external port for a stronger and more intimate stationary pumping experience. 

Nanobebe aims to empower mothers with the freedom to choose what they want their breast pumping experience to be.
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